O-Train Fans Rider's Checklists

O-Train Fans Rider's Checklist - Second Edition - Oct 2019

With the recent opening of the O-Train Line 1 : Confederation Line, we recognize that a lot of people want to explore and ride everything. As a result, we have prepared a Rider's Checklist to allow you to keep track of everything as you go. 

This is the Second Edition, and new checklists will come out every month so check back regularly! Each month there will be new objectives to find and discover. Download and Print the checklist to take it with you while you ride the train.

Have fun, and be sure to join us on the O-Train Fans forum where you can share your stories, ask questions and post your photos of the O-Train. otrain.railfans.ca/forum

Video Walkthrough 

 As the video includes some spoilers, we definitely encourage you to try the checklist first before viewing the video.

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