Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of South Keys Station - February 19, 2021

Yesterday we explored South Keys Station on Trillium Line and SE Transitway. Major transfer point. Long wide passageway and bike rails up to bus platform.

The passageway will be extended to provide under-platform access to Trillium Line including Airport Spur. Beyond is access to Sawmill Creek Pond paths and Airport Bridge.

Massive foundations for South Keys Station platforms. The marine clay soil here is quite unstable and deep piles were first placed.

These are the views looking N and S from the temporary pedestrian pathway. Note the huge crane for the Station construction and red Station.

Although the Bytown and Prescott originally built this part of the line in 1854 as Ottawa's first railway, the marine clays are so unstable here that the tracks will "float" on these huge foam pads. 

Walkley Station - February 19, 2021
Pinecrest Station - February 14, 2021