Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Algonquin Station - February 10, 2021

Work to build the underground station in progress at Algonquin (Baseline) Station.

Snapshot of Carleton Station - February 2, 2021

Excavation for Trillium Line underpass at South end of Carleton Station. There will be a similar underpass at the North end of the Station and the University has the option of building over top of the station in future, integrating the underpasses.

This historic underpass South of Carleton Station has been extended to allow for double tracking above. It originally was built for a field railway about a century ago to move fill from here to Brewer Park/Ottawa South development lands. Note limestone blocks preserved.

Snapshot of VIA flyover near Brookfield Rd. - January 25, 2021

Three piers under construction for the VIA flyover near Brookfield Rd. of Trillium Line

Snapshot of Greenboro Station - January 8, 2021

At Greenboro Station, it appears the old platform is being demolished.

Snapshot of Airport Station - January 6, 2021

Airport Station and the alignment is progressing! All elevated segments are in place! Last beam was installed yesterday (one connecting to the landing) in the evening. Still a lot of work but at least the structure is there.