Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Corso Italia Station - June 12, 2021

Platforms construction and station building are rising at Corso Italia. The grey side-walls of the trench will later be covered over with grass and vegetation.

Snapshot of Bayview Station - June 12, 2021

 Work continues to proceed on Line 2 at Bayview Station, constructing the two new platforms, and the future overhead pedestrian bridges that will permit a direct connection to the Trinity development.

Snapshot of Mooney's Bay Station - June 14, 2021

Mooney's Bay Station is probably the simplest in the Trillium Line Stage 2 enhancements, with no elevators/stairs required, but still much permanent platform rebuild and lengthening. VIA crossing/new flyover in background.

Snapshot of Walkley Station - June 14, 2021

Progress with the entry building and elevator foundation at the new Trillium Line tage 2 Walkley Station. Note the TOD apartments in the background getting taller.

Snapshot of Lester Rail Overpass - June 12, 2021

The future 4 lane, single track Lester Trillium Line Stage 2 overpass near NRC is complete and rails ready to be installed. Will be a lovely cycling MUP from Brookfield all alongside east far to the south. Guess that level crossing will not be reinstated.