Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Carleton Station - October 9, 2020

Progress at Carleton ... And a chair 

Snapshot of Bayview Station - October 8, 2020

They've moved all the segments of rail that they cut up north from the Gladstone passing tracks up to near Bayview. 

Snapshot of Gladstone Station - September 20, 2020

They build a new access road to the north of the station. Not really sure why... Also, the trench is being dug out under the 417! 

Snapshot of Bayview Station - September 3-4, 2020

(September 3) More track removal near Bayview, plus staging area prep...
(September 4) Ties taken out

Snapshot of Bayview Station - October 21, 2020

Caisson drilling for a new pedestrian bridge now happening next to Bayview.