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Snapshot of Pimisi Station - June 13, 2019

Pimisi Station 

Main entrance of the station.
The station entrance with fare gates and fare vending machines.
And immediately to the right, stairs and elevator to access the multi-use pathway located below.
Fare gates and the eastbound platform below in the distance.
Eastbound on the left, and Westbound on the right. Easily accessible from the centre platform of the station. Notice the incredible artwork mounted from the ceiling at platform level.
The secondary entrance located across the street.
The secondary entrance, with fare gates and fare vending machines.
The Pimisi Owl, no doubt to scare of troublesome birds.
Fare gates at this entrance.
The bus shelters of Pimisi Station. Bright, clean and spacious.
The station platform for the eastbound line.
Train arriving, heading towards Blair Station in the east.
View from the opposite side, showing the multi-use pathway, and the station plaza area.
Public art, "Pimisi", which means Eel in Algonquin.
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