Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Bayview Station - November 18, 2018

Bayview Station and one of its entrances off of Albert Street overpass.
The multi-use pathway underpass and stairs leading to the station.
The Confederation Line passes above, while the existing Trillium Line will pass below.
The new platform for the Trillium Line, integrated into the station, to provide seemless transfers between both lines.
Looking at one of the ends of the Confederation Line platforms.
Bayview O-Train Station marker.
The multi-use pathway passing through underneath the station. There will also be an entrance into the station from this pathway.
Public art installed outside the station.
The end of the Trillium line, marked by the track stop buffer in yellow.
The new Trillium Line platforms.
The entrance from the multi-use pathway pictured earlier.
And some of the elevators linking the Trillium Line to the Confederation Line.
Another public art installation, similar to the one installed on the opposite side of the station.
The elevated track and guideway of the Confederation Line.
The Alstom Coradia LINT train, serving the Trillium Line at Bayview Station.
Tunney's Pasture Station - January 9, 2019
Pimisi Station - November 18, 2018