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Snapshot of Blair Station - January 10, 2019

Blair Station, as seen from the Gloucester Centre.
An LRV stopped during testing at Blair Station. Below, the bus service platforms.
This portion of the station is all brand new, except for one part that remains from the original Transitway structure. Keep reading to find out what it is.
Yes! The concrete overhead walkway was retained, and repurposed to serve the O-Train.
Looking down towards the platform level. Notice the stairs and escalator that lead to the lower level, providing access to the bus platforms.
An LRV stopped inside the station.
The end of the line... for now. By 2022 it will continue to Orleans and terminate at Trim Road.
A view of the local and eastbound bus platforms.
Blair Station, the eastern terminus of the Confederation Line... until 2022.
Montreal (2025)
Cyrville Station - January 10, 2019