Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Cyrville Station - January 10, 2019

The main entrance of Cyrville Station.
The station lantern and fare vending machines.
The elevators and the fare gates. As this is a central platform station, the elevators are positioned together rather than on separate sides of the platforms.
Stairs leading up from the pathway that runs beside the station.
Looking down towards the platforms, specifically the eastbound side.
The station makes use of very clean lines in its design and glass work.
The second entrance, located across the street on Cyrville.
This entrance has stairs and elevator access. The fare gates are found immediately after reaching the lower level.
The station hours are posted by the entrance.
Looking down towards the track and guideway towards St-Laurent Station.
Looking at the rear of the station.
One of the Traction Power Sub-Stations (TPSS), located at the edge of the station perimeter. This provides the necessary voltage and current to the overhead catenary wire to power the trains.
Blair Station - January 10, 2019
St-Laurent Station - January 10, 2019