Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Cyrville Station - November 10, 2018

The main entrance of Cyrville Station.
The accent lighting along the underside of the roof awning. I keep saying it but it really does look sharp, especially at night.
Fare gates installed and activated.
Looking down towards the eastbound platform.
Another angle of the main entrance with the O-Train station marker visible.
Stairs that head down towards the pathway that connects to the businesses off of Cyrville and Labelle, such as CANEX, among others.
The main entrance as seen from the opposite side of Cyrville (from the second entrance).
The second Cyrville Station entrance.
This entrance is located opposite the main entrance and is much smaller in size.
It only features stairs and an elevator, bringing passengers down to the fare gates located at platform level.
The elevator.
And the stairs, that head down to the fare gates and platform level.
The tracks heading westbound to the next station... St. Laurent. Notice the TPSS (Traction Power Sub-Station) in grey near the top right of the photo, which provides the necessary voltage and current to power the trains.
Looking back up Cyrville towards the two entrances of the station.
Pimisi Station - November 18, 2018
Rideau Station - November 8, 2018