Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Lyon Station - August 20, 2018

A tow truck pulling a failed cement truck.
The central shaft at the corner of Queen and Kent is being closed, little by little.
Cement is pumped via a boom truck into the central shaft.
One of the entrances to Lyon Station, pictured here underneath the Podium Building at Place de Ville.
More street-scaping taking place on Queen Street, between Kent and Lyon.
The entrance to the station in the Podium Building facade.
A look inside from a different angle. The stairs and escalator ahead to the left.
And yet another angle. The elevators would be directly to the left in this shot.
Inside on the underground concourse of Place de Ville, we can see the interior integrated entrance to Lyon Station. Boarded off but soon to be accessible. Interesting to note that there was an OC Transpo sales and ticket centre in this very location in the past.
The Lyon Station entrance kiosk building at Queen and Lyon, just across from the Delta hotel.
Looking down from the Penthouse level of the Delta.
And across towards Pimisi and Bayview Stations far in the distance.
St-Laurent Station - September 2, 2018
Rideau Station - August 19, 2018