Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Lyon Station - November 7, 2018

  Lyon Station

Integrated entrance to Lyon Station in the Podium Building. Notice the sleek entrance canopy above.
The Lyon Station signage looks amazing when lit up at night. You can see the elevators to the rear of the shot.
Corner of the station entrance. The white frame is the station name lantern, to be installed shortly. Further to the right, the wood planks between the glass are for another station name lantern.
The standalone kiosk entrance for Lyon Station at the corner of Lyon and Queen Streets.
The exterior is nearly completed. All that remains is the station name lantern, again to be mounted in the white metal frame. The wood planks in the windows are to shield from view the interior and protect the glass from the inside. They are not a sign of work to be done.
Notice the small pot lights mounted on the glass canopy.
Lyon Station O-Train marker. Very eye catching, especially at night.
This photo was taken on November 6th, a day before the rest of this blog entry. The sunset was too nice to pass up.
And finally the integrated entrance of Lyon Station from within the Place de Ville underground concourse.
All it is missing is the station name above the doors.
Rideau Station - November 8, 2018
St-Laurent Station - November 4, 2018