Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Parliament Station - November 7, 2018

Parliament Station 

After several years of O'Connor Street operating with reduced lanes (mostly one single lane), it is now finally reopened to its full width.
Looking towards the O'Connor / Queen intersection and two of the Parliament Station entrances.
The integrated entrance in 155 Queen.
It was brought to my attention that the small O-Train Line 1 sign went up around rush hour. This photo is from Thursday morning.
And the elevator entrance located directly across the street.
This entrance features automatic sliding doors, with elevators positioned to the left and right when you enter.
The integrated entrance of the Sun Life Financial Centre, approaching completion.
Same entrance but inside the SLFC building atrium. Currently being used as a staging area and material storage but otherwise completed.
Looking down Queen Street from O'Connor towards Metcalfe. The street has been repaved and the street scape is almost completed.
This small section is all that remains to be done.
Looking down Queen from Bank towards O'Connor. This is essentially the only real section of Queen Street with large work still ongoing, but should be done by end of month latest if not sooner.
Rideau Station - November 8, 2018
St-Laurent Station - November 4, 2018