Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Parliament Station - September 13, 2018

Entrance of Parliament Station at corner of O'Connor and Queen
The stairs heading down towards the underground concourse.
The Parliament Station mid entrance. This entrance will feature only elevators.
The entrance is on the opposite side. The elevators are positioned at both extremities, visible by the black tarps at both ends. The shorter section to the right appears to be a utility electrical room.
The integrated entrance inside the SunLife Financial Centre
Seen again from the opposite side.
Looking down Queen Street from O'Connor towards Metcalfe. This street section is currently closed to vehicle circulation.
The western half-section of Queen between O'Connor and Bank. Nearly done and almost ready to reopen.
* uOttawa and Lees Stations - November 4, 2018
St-Laurent Station - September 2, 2018