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Snapshot of Pimisi Station - April 13, 2019

 Taking a look at Lees, uOttawa, Pimisi and Bayview Stations along the O-Train Confederation Line. With plenty of LRV testing taking place, the stations are bustling with activity and life.

 Pimisi Station

The main entrance of Pimisi Station. To the right are stairs and an elevator to access the multi-use pathway below.
A closeup of the stairs and elevator to the pathway below.
The second entrance to Pimisi Station, located directly across Booth Street.
Fare vending machines positioned to the left.
Looking inside you can see the escalators.
And the downtown tunnel western portal.
In this photo you can see the multi-use pathway as well as the plaza area of the station. The stairs and elevator from the earlier photos reaches this level and is to the left of the photo.

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