Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Pimisi Station - August 18, 2018

Pimisi Station

Pimisi Station and the Booth Street bridge as seen from near the War Museum
Outdoor public art on display next to the station and the multi use pathway
The main side of Pimisi Station
Main entrance and elevator. Note that this elevator and the one in the following 2-3 pictures accesses the multi use pathway only and does not access the interior of the station.
The second elevator that accesses the multi use pathway below the station
An underpass for the multi use pathway that runs beneath the tracks to the other side
Same part of the station as above but the other side with the tracks
The second entrance to Pimisi Station
The west portal downtown tunnel entrance just down the tracks
Stairs, escalator and elevator.
The station lantern sign to the left, awaiting assembly.
Rideau Station - August 19, 2018
Charlie Pipe