Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Rideau Station - November 8, 2018

An entrance to Rideau Station at the corner of Rideau and William Streets.
The station entrance building appears to be nearing completion on the exterior. The landscaping surrounding it remains to be completed.
Looking up Rideau Street from William towards Sussex.
Looking down Rideau Street from Sussex towards William Street. The integrated entrance with Rideau Centre is located immediately to the right of the image (not visible).
The integrated entrance at the corner of Rideau and Sussex. This entrance features the longest escalators in public transit use across Canada.
This is believed to be the mid-entrance of Rideau Station Located just across from Tim Hortons and next to EBX in the Rideau Centre. This will provide elevator access to the station.
The interior entrance from Rideau Station to the Rideau Centre, located between Farm Boy and Shoppers Drug Mart on the First Floor.
* Cyrville and Blair Stations - November 10, 2018
Lyon Station - November 7, 2018