Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Tunney's Pasture Station - June 13, 2019

Tunney's Pasture 

Main entrance to Tunney's Pasture Station.
Looking inside beyond the fare gates. The future retail location will be along the glass wall to the left, between the stairs.
Another shot of the future retail location (the bench along the glass wall will no doubt be removed at that time).
Stairs down to the platforms.
The station is completed. Note that the exposed walls are for the installation of the station's public artworks. From what I understand, the installation didn't proceed sooner due to weather and temperature requirements.
Bike racks located outside the station.
Secondary entrance.
With more fare gates and fare vending machines.
Looking into the station and platforms.
You can see the Next Train destination signs on both sides of the track.
LRV 1105 departing for Blair Station. Trains will arrive and alternate from one platform to another, during the time that Tunney's is a terminus.
The tracks leaving Tunney's Pasture and heading towards Bayview. Notice the grey TPSS (Traction Power SubStation) to the left, providing the necessary line voltage of 1500v to the overhead catenary wire to power the trains.
Rideau Station - June 28, 2019
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