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Snapshot of uOttawa Station - August 18, 2018

uOttawa Station 

uOttawa Station entrance from Colonel By Drive and the Rideau Canal.
uOttawa from the University Side of Nicholas Street.
There is an entrance directly to the westbound platform from Ottawa U campus. To go eastbound you need to go into the tunnel to access the station.
A view showing the tunnel in relation to the station above.
The new multi use pathway and ramp accessing the tunnel.
The Ottawa U side of the station. Ticket vending machines to the left.
And the station lantern sign.
The boarded off area is the main entrance, behind which are the fare gates.
The public art display in the tunnel. While it may appear to be simple face portraits, they have a filter in front. As you move past, the faces become animated and turn to look at and away from you as you move.
The main entrance, boarded off for now... beyond are the fare gates and access to the east and westbound platforms
Two elevators reaching the eastbound platform.
The wood slats that form the ceiling overhead with integrated lighting strips. A relatively simple design being used in pretty much all the stations but very effective and looks amazing.
Rideau Station - August 19, 2018
Cyrville Station - August 12, 2018