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Snapshot of uOttawa Station - April 13, 2019

 Taking a look at Lees, uOttawa, Pimisi and Bayview Stations along the O-Train Confederation Line. With plenty of LRV testing taking place, the stations are bustling with activity and life.

uOttawa Station

The multiuse pathway connecting Ottawa U to the Rideau Canal. The main station entrance is ahead and to the right before the end of the tunnel.
The main entrance. Elevators are positioned to both sides.
The eastern end of the platforms.
Looking inside the station towards the middle of the platforms. The yellow posts are to help prevent and block the gap between coupled LRVs (Light Rail Vehicles).
Another angle, showing the platforms and upper westbound entrance, as well as the multiuse pathway and main entrance below. You can also see some fare vending machines below in the tunnel.
Behind the Scenes : Alstom Citadis Spirit simulato...
Rideau Station - April 11, 2019