Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Lees Station - January 10, 2019

The entrance of Lees Station.
Interestingly, the station lantern has the logo but the station name LEES has been removed, sometime since our last visit.
Fare vending machines and station entrance.
Side angle shot.
Looking into the station and the platforms from the rear.
The glass panels integrate the public art of the station.
The multifunction pathway runs behind the glass panel wall.
The pathway continues towards uOttawa Station and beyond.
Looking at the station from the Lees Avenue overpass. The multifunction pathway is to the right.
The elevator cages flank both sides of the tracks and platforms.
The track and guideway leading from Hurdman to Lees Station.
And in the opposite direction to cross the Rideau River and reach Hurdman Station.
Hurdman Station - January 10, 2019
uOttawa Station - January 9, 2019