The Stations

Dow's Lake

Dow's Lake Station is one of the 5 original O-Train stations in Ottawa. Opened on October 15, 2001 with the initial network, this station is located off of Carling Avenue, just across from Dow's Lake. This station was originally named Carling, but was renamed in 2020 to Dow's Lake as part of the Stage 2 expansion to better align with nearby destinations.

This station primarily serves the businesses along Carling Avenue, the Rideau Canal and Dow's Lake, as well as providing a connection to the nearby Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus.

Dow's Lake Station is accessible below street level by stairs and elevator access from Carling Avenue near the intersection of Preston Avenue in Little Italy.

The station's layout is relatively simple. From street level, a path guides you to the fare gate kiosk, and from there you have the option of taking the stairs or the elevator to platform level. The stairs have an embedded heating system, to aid in the removal of snow and ice during the winter.

This station was modified in 2017 to accommodate the installation of fare gates and the kiosk building. As a result, the stairs were slightly reconfigured as they previously were accessible directly from the pathway.

As there is only one platform to board trains in either direction, attention must be paid to the train's destination sign or the direction of travel of the arriving train, Greenboro for trains heading left and Bayview for trains heading right.

This station does not contain any public art on display. Its location below grade and away from the street provides a quiet area to wait, in a trenched area of cut rock.


This is the only Line 2 Station that is below grade, requiring access via stairs or elevator to reach the platform level from the entrance.


Dow's Lake Station does not currently feature any public artwork.

  • Opening Date: October 15, 2001 (Originally named Carling)
  • Line: Trillium Line
  • Previous Station: Bayview (1575 metres)
  • Following Station: Carleton (1720 metres)


  • Balanced Boardings: 51,000
  • Weekday Average: 2,000
  • Weekend Average: 800

Balanced boardings are the average number of entries and exits at O-Train stations. O-Train Line 2 ridership is based on Automatic Passenger Counters aboard O-Train Line 2 trains. 

Line 2 (Trillium Line) is currently closed and in the process of being expanded for the Line 2 South Extension, which will see longer trains and double platforms. Below are some concept renders of the expanded station (Line 2), scheduled to open in 2022.

Dow's Lake Station is an existing station located north of Carling Avenue served by an entrance from the adjacent MUP to the east of the alignment. A new elevator will be constructed to provide redundancy in serving the station entrance and platform. In addition to the new elevator, the existing elevator will be refurbished.

Design and construction of the station will not preclude a future double-tracking, as well as a potential connection to the future hospital site, south of Carling Avenue.