The Stations

Moodie (2026)

Moodie Station is an existing Transitway Station that is currently located southeast of the intersection of Moodie Drive and Corkstown Road. The existing station will be converted to a terminal station serving as the western terminus of the Confederation Line.

The station platform will be located between Corkstown Road and the eastbound off ramp of Highway 417, east of Moodie Drive. The station will facilitate the direct and rapid movement of passengers between local buses, trains, and the adjacent development.

A bus platform will be assigned for the shuttle service to and from the Department of National Defence, located northwest of the station on Moodie Drive. PPUDO's located on the re-aligned and reconfigured Corkstown Road will allow convenient access to the station by automobile. MUPs and a sidewalk will direct customers to the plaza for entrance to the station and where bicycle parking will be provided.

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