The Stations

Pinecrest (2026)

Pinecrest Station is an existing Transitway Station that will shift south to align with the Confederation Line West alignment. The new Pinecrest Station will be located on the north side of Highway 417 west of Pinecrest Road.

Off-street bus facilities will be constructed to support the transfer of customers from bus stops located adjacent to the station. There will be a bi-directional route from Pinecrest Road to the station's bus stop location and a bus turnaround after the bus stop to return buses to Pinecrest Road. The transfer of customers at this station will not be within a fare paid zone. The station will be connected to Pinecrest Road and Dumaurier Avenue by MUPs, with PPUDO spaces located on Dumaurier Avenue with convenient access to the station plaza and bicycle parking in the station plaza area.

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