The Stations

Queensview (2026)

Queensview Station is a new station located to the north of Highway 417. The station is to be served by a minimum of one fare-controlled entrance and will be integrated with a new public access pedestrian bridge spanning Highway 417 and landing at Baxter Road, providing a significant new connection for communities north and south of the highway.

There will be a north entrance building and entry plaza with access from the enhanced MUP and sidewalk system to allow access from the Queensview Drive and Queensway Terrace North communities. This entrance will also serve the new pedestrian bridge spanning Highway 417.

The station and bridge will be accessed via a combination of a sloped pathway, stairs and elevators on the north side of Highway 417 and by accessible vertical circulation elements from Baxter Road on the south side of Highway 417. The public sidewalk will be extended along Baxter Road to the pedestrian bridge access point. Bicycle parking spaces will be provided conveniently at grade near both station access points, as well PPUDO spaces will be provided on Baxter Road and Queensview Drive.

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