The Stations

Trim (2025)

Trim Station is an existing Transitway station that is currently located southeast of the intersection of Trim Road and OR 174. The existing station will be converted to a terminal station serving as the eastern terminus of the Confederation Line. The train platform will be in the median of OR 174 at the existing intersection of OR 174 and Trim Road. In order to locate the LRT platform at this location, Trim Road will be re-aligned to the east of the existing facility and an improved intersection will be constructed, which will have the capacity to service the expected future traffic demands.

The bus terminal and the park and ride facilities (with a capacity of over 1,100 cars) will be located south of OR 174 and east of the existing Trim Road. The station will be served by one fare-controlled entrance providing access from the park and ride area to the station. The station will be designed to allow the bus terminal to remain accessible to the public while securing the train station during non-operating hours.

There will also be a new fully enclosed, naturally ventilated, glazed bridge corridor connecting the fare paid entrance to the LRT platform.

An overview of how the Trim and 174 intersection will be shifted to the east, and the new alignment for that segment of Trim Road.

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