The Stations

Westboro (2026)

Westboro Station is an existing Transitway station to the north of Scott Street between Tweedsmuir Avenue and Athlone Avenue. The Transitway will be converted to accommodate LRT. The new main entrance will be located on Scott Street and an entrance on the north side of the existing Transitway trench will facilitate the non-fare paid transfer of passengers from the bus drop off area on the existing western bus access drive. From there, passengers will connect to the LRT platform below through fare gates.

Pedestrian connections linking the north and south side of the existing trench will be provided at the east and west side of the station. Bicycle parking will be provided in the Scott Street plaza area from the main entrance with passenger pick up and drop off (PPUDO) spaces provided in each direction of travel on Scott Street. North of the existing trench, and west of the station, a bus staging area to accommodate four buses will be provided.

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