Snapshot of Blair Station - July 9, 2023

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Snapshot of Blair Station - November 13, 2022


Rail tie-in from Stage 1 to Stage 2 East. 

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Snapshot of Blair Station - October 31, 2022


The current eastern terminus, Blair Station, is now connected to the new eastern extension towards Trim. The rail tie-in took place this weekend. 

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Snapshot of Blair Station - October 24, 2022

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Blair Station is the current eastern terminus for the Confederation Line, until 2024 when the line is extended to Place d'Orleans and Trim road. Blair Station is also one of three main bus transfer stations on the Confederation Line, this station specifically serving those with itineraries continuing east to Orleans.

Popular destinations for Blair Station include the Gloucester Centre, Cineplex Theatres, several office complexes, as well as the headquarters for CSIS and CSE located within walking distance.

Blair Station has several entrances. The first is via the entrance near the Gloucester Centre, which gives access to local bus platforms as well as the overhead walkway. The overhead walkway runs from near the Gloucester Centre to across the 174 Highway (Queensway), to Telesat Court, and has an entrance to the train station and the bus routes towards Orleans. A third entrance is from the fare paid zone bus platform, leading directly underneath and up to the train platforms.

This station has a centre platform layout, allowing easy access to both platforms, as trains alternate between Platform 1 and Platform 2, simplifying access somewhat as opposed to what is found at the other terminus station of Tunney's Pasture.

This station was converted from the bus rapid transit to rail and as a result is a mix and combination of the original station and the new, one of two examples of this on the Confederation Line (the other being St-Laurent). The massive bus loop and platforms handle the arriving and departing passengers via bus transit, transferring them through the fare paid zone into the station with direct access to the O-Train platforms. The end result is quite stunning and impressive. A sweeping roof line with skylight frames the station. The station's artwork "Lightscape" reflects and shimmers in the sunlight, and move and sways with the wind and passage of trains. With views of the platform from the overhead walkway and entrance, departing passengers can easily see the trains and the departures.

Blair Station will be one of four stations to feature a retail outlet, with Happy Goat Coffee shop opening on the lower concourse entrance in early 2020.


The sweeping roof and glass flags artwork combine to create a stunning visual experience in the station. While Blair Station makes use of a lot of previous elements that were retained for the new station, it does so extremely well. For example, the old enclosed walkway over the bus transitway was reused and opened up as the overhead entrance to the train station platforms.

Another unique feature is that the train platforms can be accessed from underneath via the fare paid zone bus loop, or from above via the overhead walkway and entrance.

During the night, the station lights up like a lantern, thanks in part to its glass work and open areas.


Title: Lightscape

Artists: cj fleury and Catherine Widgery (Ottawa, ON and Montreal, QC)

Lightscape consists of thirty suspended screens; airy, binary code-like pieces that use thousands of small dichroic glass 'flags' to announce the stairwells and tracks and move in response to the air currents of the trains as they come and go.

Inspired by the sunrise, a metaphor for awakening imagination, Lightscape is informed by the proximity to Ottawa's national centres for research, science, security and observation.

Artists cj fleury and Catherine Widgery married elements of space research, mathematical order, colour and light with the movement of wind, trains and people. Thirty code-like screens, using thousands of dichroic glass rectangles, announce the stairwells and tracks. Blair Station becomes a breathing organism, where the shimmering screens respond to rushes of air from incoming trains and weather.

Ethereal, ephemeral, structured, these luminous veils of glimmering bits are animated representations of the activity and energy of this station and this city: blooms of code, evolving ideas, flows of shifting light, reflections and patterns. Readable on many levels, the art expresses a commingling of precision and chance, science and art, natural, digital, and imaginary realms.

Artwork descriptions provided by the City of Ottawa

  • Opening Date: September 14, 2019
  • Line: Confederation Line
  • Following Station: Cyrville (1615 metres)
  • Balanced Boardings: 479,000
  • Weekday Average: 20,100
  • Weekend Average: 6,300
Balanced boardings are the average number of entries and exits at O-Train stations. It is important to note that the figures above for Blair Station will also capture customers who are using the station to access bus service.
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Snapshot of Blair Station - June 4, 2022


Work has begun east of Blair Station to connect the extension to Orleans to the existing guideway at Blair.

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Snapshot of Blair Flyover - May 3, 2021


Congratulations to our Stage2LRT team on completing girder installation at the Blair Station to 174 Median Rail Flyover Bridge. Over 4 nights, 21 girders were installed on this important rail bridge for Stage 2 East Extension.

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Snapshot of the Blair Flyover - April 29, 2021


Lots of action between Blair and Montreal station as concrete bridge girders going in at the flyover.

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Snapshot of the Blair Flyover - April 30, 2021


Check this out! Stage 2 crews are making amazing progress on the O-Train East Extension with 14 out of 21 girders installed on the Blair Station to 174 Median Rail Bridge since Wednesday! 

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Snapshot of Blair Station - May 31, 2019

Snapshot of Blair Station - May 31, 2019
Taking a look at Blair, Cyrville, St. Laurent, Tremblay and Hurdman Stations along the O-Train Confederation Line in Ottawa, Ontario. With plenty of Alstom Citadis Spirit LRV testing taking place, the stations are bustling with activity and life. This video was filmed entirely on May 31st, 2019.

Blair Station 

The LRT station integrated into the existing Blair Station.
Local bus platforms below, with direct access to the LRT platforms above.
LRV 1131 parked at Blair Station.
Looking inside the station, you can see the repurposed pedestrian overpass from the original station design.
The walkway allows access from the overpass that crosses highway 174.
It also connects to the second half of the station with the bus platforms. An entrance to the LRT station connects mid-way across to the right.
Looking towards the present eastern terminus of the Confederation Line.
The highway 174 pedestrian overpass.
Great views looking down towards the LRT platforms, and the public art that is installed in the station. Small coloured glass that move and reflect light with the passage of the trains.
Another look at the local bus platforms.
Bike racks and shelter.
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Snapshot of Blair Station - August 12, 2018

The soon to be iconic O-Train station marker, seen at Blair Station.
Bike parking and storage at Blair Station.
The station as seen from the bike parking area. Notice how the local bus platform has been modified by removing the old red structures and adding the now typical enclosed
The Blair Station platform. Seen from the existing pedestrian walkway.
Train #1102 seen parked at Blair Station.
The original pedestrian walkway, now re-purposed to serve as a pass through above the O-Train station.
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Snapshot of Blair Station - November 10, 2018

Snapshot of Blair Station - November 10, 2018
Blair Station, as seen from the entrance of the Gloucester Centre. Two O-Train station markers are visible. The one in the background lists both Train and Bus, while the one in the Foreground lists only Train. An error perhaps?
The main entrance is located to the right (through the fenced off area).
The local bus platforms below and the Confederation Line above to the left
Bike racks for passengers.
The local bus platforms.
The current eastern end of the Confederation Line tracks. Notice the yellow track stop buffers.
The overhead signage indicates that this platform will also serve westbound service towards Tunney's Pasture. This will change to eastbound service in 2022 when the Confederation Line is extended to Orleans.
New meeting the Old Transitway structures.
The overhead walkway that connects to the pedestrian overpass crossing highway 174 as well as the other walkways towards the Gloucester Centre.
The elevators and fare gates (not visible)
The overhead walkway. Interestingly this structure was retained from the original Transitway station, with the red windows and canopy roof removed.
The platforms looking westbound.
And the end of the line, eastbound... until 2022.
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Snapshot of Blair Station - January 10, 2019

Blair Station, as seen from the Gloucester Centre.
An LRV stopped during testing at Blair Station. Below, the bus service platforms.
This portion of the station is all brand new, except for one part that remains from the original Transitway structure. Keep reading to find out what it is.
Yes! The concrete overhead walkway was retained, and repurposed to serve the O-Train.
Looking down towards the platform level. Notice the stairs and escalator that lead to the lower level, providing access to the bus platforms.
An LRV stopped inside the station.
The end of the line... for now. By 2022 it will continue to Orleans and terminate at Trim Road.
A view of the local and eastbound bus platforms.
Blair Station, the eastern terminus of the Confederation Line... until 2022.
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