Snapshot of the Blair Flyover - September 7, 2021


Crews poured a total of 187m3 of cement on the new Blair Station to 174 Median Rail Bridge connecting the existing line to the East Extension.

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Snapshot of the Ellwood Rail Flyover - August 14, 2021

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Snapshot of the Rideau River bridge at Carleton - July 28, 2021


The White Bridge, all covered up for safe asbestos removal and refurbishment, that crosses the Rideau River at Carleton University, seen from the River Building.

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Snapshot of the Ellwood Rail Flyover - July 13, 2021


Various views of Trillium Line Stage 2 VIA Rail flyover near Mooneys Bay Station. Note concrete girders added last week, also slope and curve of steel girder span. More spans to come over Transitway and Sawmill Creek.

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Snapshot of Earl Armstrong rail flyover - July 12, 2021


Rail flyover for the Trillium Line to cross over Earl Armstrong road.

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Snapshot of the Lincoln Fields Rail Flyover - July 2, 2021


The new Confederation Line Stage 2 "split" flyover near Lincoln Fields. The MUP bridge will be removed and shifted a bit north for OCS clearance.

Pier foundations for the new shifted MUP bridge. Woodroffe HS in background.

From the flyover bridge at the split, Moodie trains will dive down to a short tunnel under Connaught and cut past the corner of the OCTranspo Pinecrest bus storage ( in background). Then head to new Queensview Station. Roller coaster? 

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Snapshot of the Ellwood Diamond Rail Bridge - June 29, 2021


Progress you can see! Stage 2 crews successfully started girder installation on the 300-m long Ellwood Diamond Rail Bridge. This grade separation will allow the O-Train to travel over the VIA Rail line.

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Snapshot of Highway 174 at Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway - June 27, 2021


Work continues to realign the 174 highway lanes to make room in the median for O-Train guideway construction

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Snapshot of the Lincoln Fields Rail Flyover - June 19, 2021


The Rail Flyover that will connect Lincoln Fields to Iris and Queensview stations.

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Snapshot of Lester Rail Overpass - June 12, 2021


The future 4 lane, single track Lester Trillium Line Stage 2 overpass near NRC is complete and rails ready to be installed. Will be a lovely cycling MUP from Brookfield all alongside east far to the south. Guess that level crossing will not be reinstated.

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Snapshot of Woodroffe Ave. and Richmond Rd. temporary bridge - June 11, 2021


Infrastucture: temporary steel bridge on Woodroffe at Richmond Rd just completed for cut and cover tunnel underneath. This installation will permit excavation and tunneling to take place underneath this section of Woodroffe, without a long duration disruption to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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Snapshot of Mosquito Creek Rail Bridge - June 3, 2021


Great news! Stage2LRT South Extension crews installed precast concrete arches for the new rail bridge over Mosquito Creek. While the future O-Train travels above, the tunnel below provides ample space for wildlife passage.

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Snapshot of the Ellwood Junction - May 17, 2021


From the Brookfield East crossing you can see the line of piers for the Ellwood Junction VIA / creek/ Transitway flyover and the old Trillium Line alignment / bridges.

In preparation for re-laying rails from Brookfield East towards South Keys, Lester and Leitrim, ties and hardware have been delivered.

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Snapshot of Carleton Station - May 17, 2021


Mystery solved! The White Bridge of the Trillium Line has been covered in a white tent for environmental safe removal of decades of lead paints, at the Rideau River.

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Snapshot of Blair Flyover - May 3, 2021


Congratulations to our Stage2LRT team on completing girder installation at the Blair Station to 174 Median Rail Flyover Bridge. Over 4 nights, 21 girders were installed on this important rail bridge for Stage 2 East Extension.

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Snapshot of the Blair Flyover - April 30, 2021


Check this out! Stage 2 crews are making amazing progress on the O-Train East Extension with 14 out of 21 girders installed on the Blair Station to 174 Median Rail Bridge since Wednesday! 

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Snapshot of the Blair Flyover - April 29, 2021


Lots of action between Blair and Montreal station as concrete bridge girders going in at the flyover.

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Snapshot of Lincoln Fields Station - April 17, 2021

Great views of Lincoln Fields station from the distance, showing the size and scope of the work at this expansive and important station that will see a massive transformation over these coming years.

The rail flyover that will carry Line 3 towards Moodie, while Line 1 to Algonquin passes beneath.
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Snapshot of Bayshore Station and Holly Acres bridge - April 10, 2021


O-Train Station at Bayshore will pass through the existing Transitway area located at the far end of the existing station.

The upper section presently used by the Transitway will be rebuilt for O-Train use.
Holly Acres rail bridge, to allow trains to travel grade-separated between Bayshore and Moodie Stations.
Bayshore station, looking towards Pinecrest and Queensview stations in the far distance.
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Snapshot of Lincoln Fields Station & Flyover - April 9, 2021


Lincoln Fields will be the western most transfer point for O-Train Lines 1 (to Algonquin) and Line 3 (to Moodie). Trains arriving from the east will emerge from a tunneled guideway into the station. Heading west, the tracks will split to serve both lines, with Line 1 passing underneath Line 3 (which will make use of a rail flyover, as shown in the lower images).

Temporary local bus loop
Site of the future O-Train Station
The rail flyover, Line 3 (Moodie above), Line 1 (Algonquin below)
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Snapshot between Bayview and Corso Italia - April 6, 2021


Scenes from the Beech St Bridge, working to widen the trench from Bayview Station/Gladstone and under Queensway, to double the tracks to this point. Single track from here south, through Dow's Lake (Carling) Station to the Carleton Station switch. 

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Snapshot of Rideau River Bridge - April 6, 2021


Tenting over the "White" Bridge over the Rideau River near Carleton University in prep for pier rehabilitation. New MUP bridge will be just to the right/upstream.

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Snapshot of the Lincoln Fields Flyover - March 20, 2021


The Lincoln Fields rail flyover, permitting Lines 1 and 3 to diverge to their respective destinations. This photos were taken from a bus riding along the Transitway underneath the structure, in the same way that future O-Train Line 1 will travel.

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Snapshot between Corso Italia and Dow's Lake Stations - March 11, 2021


While taking the photo from the Young Street extension over the Trillium Line, a supervisor was nearby and explained what was taking place. They have one machine driving into the rock from above, then they have the other driller machine that's in the trench dig away from the side. This is part of the work to widen the trench between Corso Italia and Dow's Lake Stations.

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Snapshot of Ellwood Diamond - March 8, 2021


As part of the Stage 2 O-Train Trillium Line South Extension project, work is proceeding on the Ellwood Diamond rail bridge, which will allow VIA Rail trains to safely pass below the Trillium Line. 

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