Snapshot of the Confederation Line Eastern Extension - February 21, 2021


A drive down regional road 174 between Blair and Trim Roads shows plenty of progress and change occurring in the highway median to accommodate the future O-Train Stations. 

In this video, you will see the rail flyover, Montreal, Jeanne d'Arc, Convent Glen, Place d'Orleans and Trim Stations. 

The video first plays in the eastbound direction. The return trip to Blair going westbound begins at 02:30 in the video. 

View the recent Eastern Snapshot Updates below

Snapshot of Trim Station - February 21, 2021

Work progresses at Trim Station. The existing Park and Ride lot has been decreased in size to enable work to advance at the northern side. This area will feature the station entrance and local bus service stops. A pedestrian walkway will connect to the train station in the median of the highway.

Snapshot of Place d'Orleans Station - February 21, 2021

Work currently at Place d'Orleans Station continues to be widening the highway trench, and realigning the highway lanes to clear space in the median for the future train station.

Snapshot of Convent Glen Station - February 21, 2021

Work continues to progress at Convent Glen Station. The work occurring involves realigning the highway lanes, first towards the median, to enable the necessary work to be completed on the sides to allow for the highway to separate further. The lanes will then be realigned outwards to clear the median for station construction. You can also observe work involving underground infrastructure on the near side of the highway.

Snapshot of Jeanne d'Arc Station - February 21, 2021

 Work at Jeanne d'Arc Station appears to consist of work on underground infrastructure as well as realigning highway ramps. There is also some work taking place in the median.

Snapshot of Montreal Station - February 21, 2021

Plenty of activity and work already completed at Montreal Station. Back in November, the highway realignment was completed to make use of the new overpasses, and the old original overpass was shortly after demolished. We can now see a big opening between the eastbound and westbound highway overpasses, which is where the future train station will be located. Work now continues in the highway median to prepare the land for station construction. Heading both eastbound and westbound from the station, there is work in the highway median, with earth clearing and trenching, for a sizable distance especially heading in the eastbound direction towards Jeanne d'Arc.
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Snapshot of Holly Acres Rail Bridge - February 13, 2021


Work on the rail bridge over Holly Acres road is progressing.

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Snapshot of the Lincoln Fields Flyover - February 11, 2021


This flyover will enable service further West from Lincoln Fields towards Moodie and Algonquin Stations. Trains bound for Moodie will make use of the flyover, while trains to Algonquin will pass underneath.

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Snapshot of VIA flyover near Brookfield Rd. - January 25, 2021


Three piers under construction for the VIA flyover near Brookfield Rd. of Trillium Line

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Snapshot of Moodie LMSF - November 15, 2020

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Snapshot of Highway 174 Flyover Bridge - October 31, 2020

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Snapshot of Lester Road Bridge - October 27, 2020


 Progress on the Lester Rd bridge and embankment for Trillium Line Stage 2. Note bridge span wide enough for 4 lane Lester, but narrow for only single rail track.

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Snapshot of VIA Rail flyover bridge - October 14, 2020


At Brookfield East and VIA Diamond, it appears #TrilliumLine Stage 2 flyover will shift a few feet NE of the current Sawmill Creek and Transitway bridge.

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Snapshot of VIA Rail flyover bridge - September 28, 2020


 Working on Stage 2 VIA Rail flyover bridge. Note abandoned tracks still there in North East quadrant if you ever need to reconnect for a freight movement.

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Snapshot of the Trillium Line / VIA Rail flyover - August 17, 2020


For Trillium Line / VIA Rail flyover near Brookfield / Airport Parkway Bridge, equipment being dropped into pier caisson, and ties and tie plates stored for reuse. 

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