* Snapshot of Blair, Cyrville, St. Laurent, Tremblay and Hurdman - May 31, 2019

Taking a look at Blair, Cyrville, St. Laurent, Tremblay and Hurdman Stations along the O-Train Confederation Line in Ottawa, Ontario. With plenty of Alstom Citadis Spirit LRV testing taking place, the stations are bustling with activity and life. This video was filmed entirely on May 31st, 2019.

Blair Station 

The LRT station integrated into the existing Blair Station.
Local bus platforms below, with direct access to the LRT platforms above.
LRV 1131 parked at Blair Station.
Looking inside the station, you can see the repurposed pedestrian overpass from the original station design.
The walkway allows access from the overpass that crosses highway 174.
It also connects to the second half of the station with the bus platforms. An entrance to the LRT station connects mid-way across to the right.
Looking towards the present eastern terminus of the Confederation Line.
The highway 174 pedestrian overpass.
Great views looking down towards the LRT platforms, and the public art that is installed in the station. Small coloured glass that move and reflect light with the passage of the trains.
Another look at the local bus platforms.
Bike racks and shelter.

Cyrville Station 

Cyrville Station, looking eastbound.
Fare vending machines at the entrance.
Fare gates, beyond which the stairs and elevators that give access to the train platform.
The second station entrance.
Looking westbound at the tracks to St. Laurent Station.
Another angle in the same direction. Notice the TPSS (Traction Power Sub Station) in grey to the right. The TPSS converts the local power to the necessary voltage (1500 volts) for the trains to operate.
Looking inside the second entrance of Cyrville. Interestingly, the fare gates for this entrance are located below, at platform level.

St. Laurent Station 

St. Laurent Station interior mall entrance.
Looking across the walkways towards the eastbound platform.
Notice the LRV leaving the station heading towards Cyrville.

Tremblay Station 

Tremblay Station, located just steps from the ViaRail station.
The public art installation of Tremblay Station.
The art is quite detailed and elaborate.
It is essentially sheet metal that has nature motifs cut out and hanging. The glass canopy shines through the openings.
Looks amazing!!!
Looking inside the station. The faregates and beyond the elevators to the westbound platform.
Fare vending machines.
Looking towards the platforms. The elevators to the eastbound platform are not visible in this photo but are immediately to the left.
Outside the station, looking westbound.
The platforms as seen from the multi-use pathway.
Tremblay Station with Via Rail to the left.

Hurdman Station 

The station will be a fare-paid zone. As a result, the wood fence separates it from the entrance area for local residents.
The station entrance, with the multi-use pathway connecting beyond the entrance tunnel.
Reverse angle of the same area. The station entrance is to the right behind the Hurdman station lantern.
Looking inside the entrance, you can find the fare gates.
The fare vending machines to the right.
On both sides.
Stairs and escalators.
One of the gates to connect from the LRT to the bus lines.
The Confederation Line platforms are located above.
Additional stairs at the far ends of the platforms.
The overhead guideway of the Confederation Line. It will no doubt remind many of the Walt Disney World Monorail system.
The guideway continuing towards Lees Station, while passing over the Rideau River. The multi-use pathway continues from Hurdman to Lees and beyond.
Looking back towards Hurdman Station.
Another look inside, seeing the elevators, stairs and escalators. The overhead wayfinding signage is easily seen and followed.
The bus platforms below and the Confederation Line above.
Panoramic view of Hurdman Station. The bus platforms are to the far left.
The Kiss-and-Ride area, for pick up and drop off.
* Lees, uOttawa and Rideau - June 9, 2019
Overview of Line 1 (Confederation Line)