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Carleton Station is one of the 5 original O-Train stations in Ottawa. Opened on October 15, 2001 with the initial network, this station is located in the middle of Carleton University in Ottawa. This is also the only station on the Trillium Line with two platforms, one each for Northbound and Southbound trains.

This station primarily serves the students and faculty of Carleton University and is one of the main modes of transportation. As a result, Carleton Station is the busiest station on the Trillium Line when classes are in session.

Carleton Station is uniquely positioned in the middle of the university campus, and as such, the station and the tracks combined have the effect of separating the campus into two halves. Along the route through the campus, there are underpasses and overpasses for both pedestrians and roads.

The station's layout with two platforms requires it to have a pedestrian tunnel that passes underneath the tracks to reach the opposing platform. Trains enter the station simultaneously onto separate tracks and platforms. Once both trains are in the station and boarding is complete, the trains will depart and rejoin the single track line, having passed one another.

This station was modified in 2017 to accomodate the fare gate and kiosk installations, located adjacent to the platforms themselves. It is important to note that it isn't possible to switch platforms after passing through the fare gates without first exiting and re-entering through the fare gates on the other side.

Unique Features 

Overall, Carleton Station is unique along the Trillium Line due to its two platforms, the constant flow of passengers in and out of the station, and its location in the middle of the Carleton University campus.

  Station Map

Places of Interest 

Station Facts 

  • Entrances: 2
  • Fare Gates: 16
  • Fare Vending Machines: 4
  • Elevators: 0
  • Escalators: 0

Public Artwork

Carleton Station has a large art piece on display spanning the entire length of the Bayview (northbound) platform called locomOtion. The artwork's sequence of wheel segments reflect the idea of movement and travel. The red panels are inspired by the OC Transpo logo and are intended to reflect the ambient light of passing trains.

Platform Photos 

Station Photos 

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