The Stations

Place d'Orléans (2025)

Place d'Orléans Station is an existing Transitway station that is currently located adjacent to Place d'Orléans Shopping Centre and OR 174, which will be converted to serve as a transfer station. The Station will be served by four fare-controlled entrances. Two entrances will serve the station from the existing pedestrian bridge; one at each of the LRT and bus platform locations. One entrance will be provided to the LRT platform from Champlain Street and an entrance will be provided to the bus terminal from Champlain Street. A connection to the LRT Station, allowing passengers to transfer between bus service and train service without passing through fare control gates and/or revalidating fare payment will be provided from the bus platform area. The station will be designed to allow the bus terminal to remain accessible to the public while securing the train station during train non-operating hours. The existing pedestrian bridge will continue to allow for a connection from the park and ride (and points north of OR 174) and Place d'Orléans Shopping Centre without having to enter a fare gate.