Snapshot for Uplands Station - May 24, 2020

Located just South of the future Uplands Station, the support pillars continue to take shape for the Airport Link overpass on Uplands Drive.
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Snapshot of Uplands Station - January 8, 2020


In this snapshot update for Stage 2 LRT, we take a look at Uplands Station, along the Trillium Line South Extension / Airport Link, and discuss what will change, and what is to come over the next few years.

The E.Y. Centre, located by Uplands and the Airport parkway, a popular convention and event space in the city.
The future Uplands O-Train station will be located just beyond the red construction fencing, providing very close access to the E.Y. Centre.
Looking North along the alignment, in the direction of South Keys Station.
The station entrance should be in the middle of this image. This station will feature double tracks and two platforms, serving as the passing track facility of the Airport Line.
Looking South towards the Ottawa International Airport (YOW).
You can see support pillars being constructed, that will enable the train to pass over the Uplands Drive road.
A closer look near the future entrance, looking in the direction of South Keys.
And one final view of the future station entrance, to come...
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