Shane Seguin

Creator and Webmaster of O-Train Fans

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Born and raised in Ottawa, I have always had a big interest in public infrastructure and transit as well as urban planning and design. As life would have it, my actual work and career are not even close to being related to these areas or fields of interest. Never the less, that has not stopped me from being informed, doing my own research, enjoying and discovering all there is to know.

I am a big fan of the Montreal Metro system and the reality of having something similar here in Ottawa is truly exciting. That is why I made the decision to chronicle its arrival and the future expansions that will soon begin. This is a milestone event in the history of Ottawa, as the O-Train is a big step towards advancing our city in a new direction. The opening of the Confederation Line can't come soon enough.

The photo to the left was me sitting in the drivers cab of the Bombardier Talent during Doors Open Ottawa 2012.