Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Lees Station - June 9, 2019

Lees Station 

The crossing over the Rideau River, between Hurdman in the distance and Lees.
The multi-use pathway is located just to the side of the tracks on the bridge.
Lees Station entrance and fare vending machines.
Fare gates and elevators to the platforms.
Looking in through the glass, you can see the stairs and the lower platform level.
The platforms and next train signs.
Looking towards the station from Lees Avenue overpass.
The multi-use pathway is to the right of the station, and continues to uOttawa.
Looking in the direction of Hurdman.
The platforms.
The multi-use pathway runs along side the station.
The public art of the station takes form in the glass panel wall of the fare paid zone on the platforms. The art can be enjoyed from both sides.
Looking in towards the platforms.
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