Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Hurdman Station - January 10, 2019

Panoramic shot of the expansive Hurdman Station.
As the station area is considered a fare-paid zone, there are no fare gates through the entrances visible in this shot. This facilitates transfers to and from bus transit.
Through this entrance you will find the fare gates, for use by commuters of the area. The multifunction pathway can also be reached by passing through to the other side.
The public art swooping through the main entrance of Hurdman Station.
To the right of the main entrance is a car drop off and pick up loop, a new feature of Hurdman. (Also sometimes known as a Kiss and Go).
Looking inside the station, you can see the stairs and escalators, that will bring passengers up to the elevated platform level.
Looking up towards the platforms.
Elevators are positioned to both sides of the platforms, to give access to the bus loop below.
Stairs leading up to the westbound platform.
And the stairs leading up to the eastbound platform.
Notice the very geometric glass paneling for the stairs.
Looks even more eye catching in person. Very nice!
Looking at the elevated tracks and guideway from the bus loop.
The station in the near distance.
And the tracks heading towards Lees Station.
Tremblay Station - January 10, 2019
Lees Station - January 10, 2019