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Sherbourne (2025)

Station Information provided by the City of Ottawa

Cleary Station is a new station. The single station entrance will be located within the Byron Linear Park between Cleary Avenue and Sherbourne Road. The station entrance plaza will seamlessly integrate with the planned functions of the Bryon Linear Park, activating this node within the park. Bicycle parking will be provided in the station plaza and PPDUO spaces will be provided on both the north and south side of Bryon Avenue.
As part of the City's commitment to engaging and listening to the communities most affected by LRT construction, an extensive public consultation campaign was initiated with the residents along the Byron Avenue corridor and Richmond Road. One area of concern was Cleary Avenue, specifically where the station would be located.

In March 2017, Council approved the Stage 2 Implementation Plan, which included the new alignment and a recommendation to incorporate Cleary Station in a Station-Oriented Development (SOD) Opportunity Study. More information regarding development around Cleary Station can be found in the SOD Section of the report.

As part of the alignment and design improvement process, the location of Cleary Station was shifted into the Byron Linear Park, similarly to New Orchard Station. As with New Orchard Station, Cleary Station will be below grade and open air. This more compact, one-storey station will provide pedestrian access to grade level from sidewalks and pathways on Richmond Road.

Moving the station into the park reduces risks in relation to the tunnel alignment and construction adjacent to the West Nepean Collector Sewer, versus the previous location at the corner of Cleary Avenue and Richmond Road intersection. The new alignment also improves track geometry, reducing the depth and curvature of the tunnel alignment, providing a more subtle turn from the SJAM corridor into the Richmond-Byron Corridor.
All station facilities and system support spaces will be completely below grade except for the fare paid entrance building and the electrical service entry, which will be combined with the required emergency exit from the platform level opposite of the station entrance.

Changing the station design, from a completely underground station, to being a below grade open air station, reduces the need for a fan plant on NCC property within the SJAM corridor. The removal of the fan plant reduces the cost of design while also reducing the visual impact on the SJAM Parkway and views from adjacent properties.

The City was required to purchase the property at the intersection of Cleary Avenue and Richmond Road, where the alignment enters into the Richmond-Byron corridor. Reducing the area, previously affected by the station footprint, allows for a more buildable site above the train alignment. This will help in building a transit-oriented design that is more feasible and desirable. Lastly, locating the station in the park provides an excellent opportunity for integration of landscaping, plazas, people spaces and placemaking within the community, acting as a key gateway to the renewed Byron Linear Park.

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