Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Gladstone Station - July 29, 2020

East side blasting of Gladstone double track/platform for the Trillium Line's Stage 2 station is complete, now moving on to west side blasting and excavation. The white Standard Bread will become high rise residential.

Snapshot of Carleton Station - July 29, 2020

At Carleton University, the pedestrian underpass must accommodate double track passing siding for the 2022 Trillium Line Stage 2 re-opening. So a temporary surface pedestrian crossing built next to station that crosses the actual out of service tracks. Note CW rails dragged along for later re-use.

Snapshot of Carleton Station - July 24, 2020

This definitely isn't a view you can get everyday.
The pedestrian underpass at Carleton is closed to be widened, so a new temporary crossing was installed.

Snapshot of Bowesville Station - June 24, 2020

Bowesville Station Park and Ride from Earl Armstrong Road.

Snapshot of Gladstone Station - June 22, 2020

Lifted Trillium Line Stage 2 tracks near Young St. Trench now filled in to allow for old 1960s demolition and movement of new Queensway Bridge next week. It was extra long for planned Champagne Expy from Airport Parkway to Bayview and beyond.
New Gladstone Station Stage 2 blasting to widen trench. New bridge over trench seen in second image. Was some rubble used as temporary fill in trench for demolition of Queensway Bridge next week?