Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Tunney's Pasture Station - January 5, 2021

This is just west of the bridge the buses take to go over the trench. They appear to be building some sort of cover over the trench.

Snapshot of South Keys Station - December 29, 2020

South Keys station is advancing well. It will enable transferring between Line 2 (Trillium Line) and Line 4 (Airport).

Snapshot of Carleton Station - December 27, 2020

The southern and northern underpass pits, I believe both are now at their final depths The southern pit has wooden barriers. I'm not too familiar with the construction but I now believe that the tunnel stub will be within the southern underpass. It is off to the side of where I think the underpass will be so I'm not sure what the barriers would be for it otherwise. It is also far closer to the Carleton University tunnel system for future attachment.

Snapshot of Uplands Station - December 28, 2020

At the EY Centre and Uplands, large crane in place for Uplands Station construction on Ottawa International Airport spur.

Snapshot of Bowesville Station - December 28, 2020

At S. Bowesville Rd overpass the structure is complete, but no embankments yet. Future Station and Park & Ride will be to the East side. 

At Earl Armstrong crossing near Bowesville, the bridge is complete, it can span 4+ lanes. Will that magnificent, rare American Elm survive?