Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Place d'Orleans Station - December 15, 2020

Work continues to allow the 174 highway to shift to the sides, making way for the station that will be constructed in the median. The first images are looking westbound, with the existing pedestrian bridge in view. 

 And now looking eastbound towards the terminus of Trim Station in the very far distance.

Snapshot of Trim Station - December 15, 2020

Lots of activity at Trim Station, all along the outer sides and edges of the parking lot. 

Snapshot of Mooney's Bay Station - November 28, 2020

Mooney's Bay Station looking southbound, as it undergoes LRT Phase 2 renewal. Work continues to rebuild the platforms, which will be doubled in length to accommodate the new train sets and the existing trains that will now be coupled.

Snapshot of Walkley Station - November 28, 2020

Future home of the Walkley LRT Phase 2 Station. Photo taken today from the Walkley Rd bridge looking southbound. Station construction to begin in earnest in 2021. 

Snapshot of Bayview Station - November 29, 2020

Rail delivered for the expanded service at Bayview Station on Line 2.